'Til We Meet Again, D.C.

'Til We Meet Again, D.C.

By the time that you are reading this blog post, I will already be in Vietnam on a school trip. I left D.C. two weeks ago, but everything still feels fresh as if it was only yesterday. If you ask me to summarize my semester right now, I probably won’t be able to do it because I’m still overwhelmed by everything that happened. In a few weeks time, when things are settled a bit and I have enough time to process everything, I will be able to fill you in with all the details. But right now, I just wanted to say that I am beyond grateful that I did what I did this semester.

Coming to D.C. wasn’t a last-minute decision but rather a long-term goal that I had been working on since the end of freshman year. I learned about the program from a friend who did it when I was a freshman, and I had been obsessed with it every since. With that being said, I thought I was ready for what was coming, but I was not. Imagining living in D.C. and actually living in D.C. are two very different stories. I was amazed by a lot of things that the city had to offer. Let me quickly tell you a list of things and people that I find most memorable about my D.C. experience.

Living with three other people in a common space was not as bad as it seems. Or I simply lucked out and got to live with some of the most chill and cool people. Either way, I am not complaining. I’m so glad I lived with my roommates, who have been more like friends that just people who shared a living space. I’m grateful that we actually talked, shared things and sought advice from one another. Will I miss the messy kitchen we had? Hell naw! But will I miss having all four of us sitting in the living room being totally dysfunctional after a long working day and just complaining to each other how iffy our day went? Absolutely! These guys were amazing!

They’re not the only people I miss. I miss my friend group already. I miss the beautiful faces of Al, Jenna, Meraleigh and Drew’s goofy jokes and Dany’s talented photography skills. They were a big part of my D.C. experience. Without them, the ride would not have been half as fun or half as crazy. I already told them I’ll have a TWC table at my wedding and they’ll be guests of honors - haha. Friends, thanks for a fun time and beautiful memories!

Oh and will I forget my coworkers and our inside jokes? Not in a million years. Not gonna lie, working with these people made my internship ten times easier. I lucked out again, big time with my job. I learned much more than I expected, had a great relationship with my bosses, and more importantly, made friends with the most fun and genuine people in my office. A reunion is already on my bucket list. I’m counting down the days.



I can go on and on forever about things in D.C. that contributed to my experience. All the museums I’ve gone to, all the restaurants I’ve tried, all the bars I’ve hopped in. Each place and event made my D.C. semester so unique. There are still so many things I wish I had done while I was in the city, but I am eternally grateful for everything I did because it made me more complete and was a big part of my self growth.

I am humbled for the journey I’ve had this semester, and excited for the ones ahead of me. As cliche as it sounds, this isn’t a goodbye, but rather a see you later.


See you soon, D.C.

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