About the Pickering Fellowship Team
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Pickering Fellowship Team

The Washington Center’s Pickering Fellowship Team works in coordination with other departments at TWC to coordinate student recruitment and outreach; build partnerships with universities and other organizations; and support Fellows throughout their time in the Fellowship. We welcome any questions you might have, whether you’re an interested student, inquiring professor, or a current Fellow. For all general questions, please direct your inquiries to our shared contact lines: pickering@twc.edu or (202) 238-7991.


Kelly EatonKelly Eaton
Program Director

Kelly.eaton@twc.edu, 202-238-7705

Education: The George Washington University (B.A., M.A., PhD.)

TWC Role: Kelly Eaton oversees the program as a whole, bringing decades of experience as a professor, fellowship advisor, and university administrator to ensure the program’s continued excellence and establish strong relationships for the program with partner universities, DOS actors, and other stakeholders.

Favorite Travel Location: Mexico, for amazing diversity, fantastic food and people.


Jacyln SheridanJaclyn Sheridan
Senior Program Manager

Jaclyn.Sheridan@twc.edu, 202-238-7982

Education: University of Notre Dame (B.A.), Georgetown University (M.A.)

TWC Role: Jaclyn manages the day-to-day functions of the program and ensures that all major event cycles are planned for and executed properly, from recruitment and selection of Fellows through orientation and each Fellow’s funded years and internships.

Favorite Travel Location: Go to Vietnam before the rest of the world catches on. Eat EVERYTHING.


Casey NealyCasey Nealy
Program Coordinator

Casey.Nealy@twc.edu, 202-238-7731

Education: University of Virginia (B.A.)

TWC Role: Casey works with Pickering Fellows and applicants to facilitate their relationships with TWC and support them throughout the Fellowship process, including coordinating travel and payment for current Fellows, helping track their progress through the program, and answering questions as they arise.

Favorite Travel Location: Anywhere in Japan for the festivals and fireworks in the summer.


Chelsey JonesChelsey Jones
Program Coordinator

Chelsey.Jones@twc.edu, 202-238-7723

Education: University of Virginia (B.A.), Indiana University Bloomington (M.S.)

TWC Role: Chelsey supports Pickering applicants and Fellows throughout their journey, with a special focus on working with Finalists as they come to Washington, D.C. and the new Fellows through Orientation and the start of their first funded semester.

Favorite Travel Location: Go to Trinidad! The beaches are beautiful and the people are so nice. Also, eating shark made me feel like a total boss!


Donna Hay-JonesDonna Hay-Jones

Donna.Hay-Jones@twc.edu, 202-238-7738

Education: Oakwood College (B.A.), Teachers College, Columbia University (M.A.), Georgetown University (J.D.)

TWC Role: Donna Hay-Jones visits campuses during the recruitment season, hosts information sessions, speaks with students, and introduces the program to faculty and fellowship advisors. She also provides support to students who have started applications to offer resources and support.

Favorite Travel Location: Venice, Italy, for the carefree feeling of floating on water, wonderful food, and stunning architecture.


Tyana AnglinTyana Anglin

Tyana.Anglin@twc.edu, 202-238-7995

Education: Eastern University (B.A.), West Virginia University (M.A.)

TWC Role: Tyana travels to various colleges and universities across the country to recruit students for the Pickering Fellowship. She answers questions students may have about the program and excites them about working within the Foreign Service while supporting them through the application process.

Favorite Travel Location: Bolivia was such an amazing experience! The food was amazing and the adventures never ended.

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