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The Washington Center believes that the right academic experience can transform a student’s life. Our one- to two-week academic seminars give students the chance to delve into hot-button issues, interact with nationally recognized leaders, explore career paths and build a network. We realize the importance of faculty members who are passionate about these programs and value their partnership in encouraging students to participate.



Faculty Participation

Faculty members have the opportunity to attend a TWC academic seminar by applying to be a faculty leader. Throughout the academic seminar, faculty leaders work with a group of 10 to 15 students as they participate in program activities. During the academic seminar, faculty leaders will:


  • Attend all program sessions
  • Meet with students for group discussion and instruction
  • Accompany the students on site visits to embassies, think tanks and other organizations in D.C.
  • Read students’ written work and evaluate their academic and professional performance
  • Recommend a grade for each student at the end of the program

Faculty members who have 10 or more students attending the academic seminar are guaranteed a position as a faculty leader. Faculty leaders receive a stipend for their work during the seminars. If you are interested in applying to be a faculty leader, fill out a reservation form.


Faculty Support

Faculty members who are not able to participate in an academic seminar are still encouraged to advocate for their students to be able to attend. In many cases, universities are able to provide financial support and academic credit for these experiences.


If you are interested in promoting TWC academic seminars at your institution, please contact us at info@twc.edu. We have the following resources (available upon request) that may be helpful as you gain support or recruit students on your campus:


  • Student postcards
  • Customized flyers
  • Sample emails to students
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet

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