Academic Credit

Academic Credit

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The Washington Center’s Academic Seminars are designed to qualify for academic credit at many colleges and universities. A one-week seminar is equivalent to one or two credits and a two-week seminar is equivalent to three or four credits. While The Washington Center does not grant academic credit for your participation, your home institution may. In order to receive credit, you must make arrangements with your home institution through your campus liaison or a faculty sponsor.


You are not required to receive academic credit in order to participate, but all participants are required to fully engage in all the activities organized and complete all assignments regardless of their credit arrangements.



As part of the academic seminar, you will be placed in small groups led by a faculty leader with an advanced degree and university classroom experience. The faculty leader oversees your learning experience and assesses your performance with a written evaluation and a recommended grade.


The recommended grade is usually based on attendance, participation, completion of assigned readings, written assignments and demonstrated efforts to achieve established academic and professional learning goals. This recommended grade is then submitted to your home institution through your campus liaison or sponsor, and academic credit (if available) is awarded by your home institution.

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