Inside Washington Kicks Off as 2012 Presidential Race Heats Up


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Inside Washington Seminars Kick Off as Presidential Race Heats Up

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The Washington Center students get an inside look into the 2012 presidential campaign

WASHINGTON, D.C.–January 2, 2012–As the nation turned their attention to the Iowa caucuses and the 2012 presidential hopefuls, 126 students from 21 universities traveled to Washington, D.C. to learn about politics from the nation’s capital and political epicenter. The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars will host two Inside Washington seminars beginning with “In Pursuit of the Presidency” from January 2–8, 2012 and followed by “Politics in the Media” from January 8–14, 2012.


“The Inside Washington seminars offer an unparalleled opportunity to sit in the same room with legendary journalists, esteemed members of Congress and other experts that have their pulse on the presidential 2012 campaign,” said Mike Smith, president of The Washington Center. “Students have access to the center of the political process, as it’s happening now and as history is being made.”


The seminar provides firsthand experience and perspective into campaign 2012 through a combination of lectures from prominent guest speakers, panel discussions, site visits and small group dialogues. Students will hear directly from the journalists covering the 2012 elections, former members of Congress, high-level Congressional staff and leaders of special interest groups. Several of the speakers include:


Gail Chaddock, Staff Writer, The Christian Science Monitor

Tony Mauro, Supreme Court Correspondent, National Law Journal

Ken Walsh, White House Correspondent, U.S. News and World Report

Congresswoman Barbara Kennelly (D-CT, 81-99)

Congressman Mickey Edwards (R-OK, 77-93)

Bill Dauster, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy for the Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid (D-NV)

Mike McCurry, Former White House Press Secretary

Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform

Ann Compton, Chief White House Correspondent, ABC News

Governor Howard Dean, M.D., Former Governor of VT, Presidential Candidate, DNC Chairman, and Founder of Democracy For America

John Harwood, Chief Washington Correspondent, CNBC

Clarence Page, Columnist, Chicago Tribune

Brian Lamb, President/CEO, C-SPAN

Sam Donaldson, ABC News


Students will also visit historic sites in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia and participate in guest lectures and special exhibits.


Inside Washington is part of The Washington Center’s Campaign 2012 Academic Seminar Series. Next up in the series are the Republication National Convention Seminar and the Democratic National Convention Seminar. Both will take place on-site at the official conventions held in Tampa, FL and Charlotte, NC, offering students the opportunity to participate in lectures, panels, tours, site visits and fieldwork assignments. For more information visit Campaign 2012.


Since The Washington Center first offered campaign seminars in 1984, more than 6,000 college students have participated in the seminar programs.


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The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars is an independent, nonprofit organization that serves hundreds of colleges and universities in the United States and other countries by providing selected students challenging opportunities to work and learn in Washington, D.C., for academic credit. The largest program of its kind, The Washington Center has more than 50,000 alumni who have become leaders in numerous professions and nations around the world. It was established in 1975.


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