Academic Quality
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The Washington Center recognizes that institutions awarding academic credit for student participation in its programs expect, at a minimum, the same level of quality that the institution provides its students on campus. To ensure the quality of offerings and to meet accreditation standards, the senior vice presidents, director of academic affairs and Academic Council of The Washington Center keep abreast of campus requirements and expectations and review its programs accordingly.


TWC also adheres to academic policies and standards developed by its national Liaison Advisory Board, a group composed of faculty and administrators from affiliated campuses. Further advice on academic matters is provided by the Council of Presidents, composed of the presidents of some of our leading institutions. A complete membership list of The Washington Center’s advisory boards is available, as is a list of program staff and their academic degrees.


Faculty and other campus representatives from prospective affiliates are invited to visit at any time for a full orientation to our program—internships, academic courses and the Leadership Forum—and to tour our facilities, including our new headquarters building, state-of-the-art academic center, and residential and academic facility. If you would like to visit, TWC may be able to help with the expense.

National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE)

As an institutional member of the NSEE, The Washington Center adheres to the principles of good practice specified by this organization, as well as the guidelines for internship programs adopted by the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS).

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