Academic Seminars
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Academic Seminars are an ideal way for institutions to use the resources of Washington, D.C., for academic purposes. Each one is an intensive learning experience that opens a world of insight on the most important issues facing the country and the world. Lasting from a few days to two weeks, an academic seminar at The Washington Center:


  • Offers an in-depth look into a range of timely topics including public policy and the media, international affairs, national security and electoral politics.
  • Allows participants to engage with influential leaders, policymakers and thinkers.
  • Provides an insider’s access to embassies, Capitol Hill, and media or nongovernmental organizations.
  • Enhances the institution’s presence in Washington, D.C., and ensures its students have a wide range of experiential and civic engagement opportunities off campus, often at a more affordable cost than study abroad.
  • Provides freshmen and sophomores with a taste of off-campus programming provided by the institution, resulting in greater retention and a more focused academic and professional career path.
  • Provides faculty development opportunities, especially for faculty involved in various forms of engaged learning on or off campus.
  • Is designed to be worthy of academic credit and serves as an excellent complement to existing course programming or a strong opportunity for students and faculty between terms.

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