Affiliating with TWC

Affiliating with TWC

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Building Strong Relationships

The Washington Center maintains strong partnerships with hundreds of colleges and universities that want to extend their reach programmatically and geographically. TWC provides their students with unique, semester-long internship programs in Washington, D.C. and academic seminars designed for in-depth exploration of topics of special interest.


There are many reasons colleges and universities choose to partner with TWC:


  • Our substantive and creditworthy internships are appropriate for students in all majors.
  • We offer special opportunities for leadership development and civic engagement.
  • Affiliation can help in recruiting and retaining strong students.
  • Our internships help launch graduates—and future alumni—on successful careers.

Introduction to Affiliation

Affiliation is a simple, no-cost, no-obligation arrangement between The Washington Center and your college or university. It describes your institution’s preferences concerning the credit students will receive, the handling of program fees, and the appointment of a campus liaison. Simply put, it allows TWC staff to accurately represent and implement your institution’s policies.


Learn more on why institutions partner with TWC, the program’s academic standards, and details on how to become an affiliate.

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