The Internship
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Launch Your Career

The Washington Center serves students in most academic majors with interests in a wide variety of fields. These include the government, nonprofit and business arenas as well as many others that may partially overlap with them—the worlds of media and communications, science and technology, law and criminal justice, and international affairs. Let us know your interests and goals and we’ll find you substantive and exciting internship options.


TWC internships give you the chance to work almost full time, allowing you to feel like a member of the staff at your office. You may assist attorneys during a trial, evaluate capital markets, help in radio or television production or attend congressional hearings. You could be conducting research, advocating policy positions, writing a business plan or developing websites and databases. The possibilities are endless.


At the end of it all, you’ll not only be in a more secure position in today’s marketplace but also much more confident about your talents your future.


How TWC matches you with the right internship

The Washington Center maintains ties with hundreds of organizations that provide high-quality internships in the D.C. area. Our experienced staff knows which sites offer the best experiences to students.


TWC will help you be considered for opportunities that would fit you well. You will be assigned an internship advisor with whom you should stay in close touch throughout the internship matching process. Students tend to be most actively engaged in this process during the three months prior to check in.


You will likely have a phone interview with any potential supervisor interested in you, and you will have the chance to accept or decline an offer after it is extended. Your internship advisor will provide guidance regarding specific options to help you make the final decision.


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