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The Application

: Frequently Asked Questions

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Does my institution have a campus liaison? If so, who is it?

To see if your school has a campus liaison, please contact us at If your school is not affiliated with TWC and does not have a campus liaison, there will be a few additional steps in the process, such as identifying a campus sponsor.


How do I participate if my campus does not have a liaison?

If your school is not affiliated with TWC, you must must identify someone on your campus who can approve your application to The Washington Center and verify that you will be receiving academic credit for your participation in the program. This person is known as a campus sponsor. The appropriate individual varies from campus to campus, but a good person to start with may be your academic advisor, as he or she should be able to point you in the right direction. We are more than happy to speak with someone you've approached to serve as a campus sponsor in order to provide further information about our program or send him or her a course guide, sample syllabi, and even contact information for liaisons at peer institutions.


What are the deadlines for the application? What do the different deadlines mean?

The Washington Center publishes two deadlines for each semester or term. The first deadline is the “priority deadline.” Students who apply by this deadline receive priority consideration for The Washington Center’s private financial awards. There is also the “regular deadline,” by which all students applying for any given term should aim to submit their online applications. We are often flexible and accept applications on a case-by-case basis after a given deadline has passed. View the deadlines for the term to which are applying.


It's always recommended that you apply early if possible, especially for the summer (the term for which internships tend to be most competitive in D.C. generally). Please note that internship sites may have internal deadlines to select interns that fall before those in place at TWC.


How competitive is the selection process?

The Washington Center is committed to providing its D.C. internship experience to as many qualified students as possible. Applicants who are approved by their home institution (if participating prior to graduation), meet basic TWC eligibility requirements, and provide a complete application should gain admission to The Washington Center. That said, particular internship sites may be more competitive than others, and the summer is typically more competitive in Washington, D.C. generally (as more students are free to complete a full-time internship experience).

Am I required to pick the professional track that best corresponds with my major?

Students are free to select any track. The professional track that you choose does not need to relate to either your internship or your major. However, verify that there is not such a requirement on your campus by speaking with your liaison or sponsor. For your reference, you may view the professional track options.


How do I fill out an application?

The first step to applying is creating an account in our student portal. This will allow you to fill out the application at your own pace. Be sure to save your information as you go so that nothing is lost when you log out. Before starting an application, be sure to review the information provided, so that you know exactly what is required.


After submitting the application, when will I hear whether or not I’ve been accepted? How will I be notified?

Upon submitting your online application, you will be contacted by one of our staff to inform you of what supporting documents we are waiting to receive from you. Once all of those documents have been received, your application enters review. From that point, you can expect to hear back from us within two weeks via email to inform you of whether or not you have been accepted into the program.


How do I know whether or not you have received all of my supporting documents?

We are not able to inform every individual when their documents arrive, but we do encourage you to contact us via email at if you would like to know if we have received your documents.


I have forgotten my username and/or password; how do I reset them?

Your username is your email address. If you have forgotten your password, you may reset it by following the link for a forgotten password provided on our student portal login page.


Can graduate students participate?

TWC considers students in master's level programs on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at to learn more.


Can recent college graduates participate?

TWC considers recent college graduates on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at to learn more.


Can first-year students participate?

In order to participate, students must have achieved at least sophomore status at their home institutions by the term for which you are applying. Review all of the eligibility requirements.


Where should I send my official transcript?

Your official transcript should be sent to the following address:


The Washington Center

ATTN: Enrollment Services

1333 16th St. NW

Washington, DC 20036


Can I apply to more than one TWC program at the same time?

We do not allow students to apply to multiple internship programs for the same term. Instead, you should choose which program you would rather attend and devote your time and energy to that application. If you would like to fill out two applications for TWC programs taking place at different times, you may certainly do so.


Can I be considered if my GPA is below 2.75?

We would consider you if you have a GPA below 2.75, provided that you have approval from your campus liaison and submit three letters of recommendation instead of the standard two. Two of these three letters will need to come from a professor. We would review your full application and ultimately make an admissions decision based upon our assessment of whether or not we believe we can find you an appropriate internship and otherwise set you up for success in our academic program.

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