Academic Credit

Academic Credit

: Frequently Asked Questions

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How many credits will I receive for this program?

The amount of academic credit that you receive for the program will depend on your home institution. If your college or university is affiliated with The Washington Center, you should consult your liaison. If you do not know how to reach your liaison or your institution does not have a liaison, contact us at


Will credit for this program count toward my major/minor or other on-campus requirements?

In some cases, the credit that you receive from attending our program can count towards on-campus requirements, but this will vary from institution to institution. Speak to your campus liaison or email


How am I graded for my participation in this program?

You would be evaluated by your internship site supervisor, evening course instructor, and TWC LEAD instructor. These three recommended grades, along with your professional portfolio, will be transmitted to your campus liaison. Learn more about grades and evaluations.


Do I have to receive credit for the program? I’m only interested in gaining experience.

All undergraduate students participating in our academic internship program are required to receive academic credit from their home institutions.

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